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Ferrari still in it-Alonso and Massa

Still in the fight

By Tifosa
July 19 2011

Fresh off the victory at Silverstone, confidence is running high at Ferrari. Drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa are both bullish about the team’s chances for the remainder of the season.

“As long there is a mathematical possibility there is always hope. I have said it so often, but it’s still true, that at Ferrari we never give up and we keep on fighting,” Massa said. “The best strategy is simply to think about the season one race at a time, like we did at Silverstone. Now we need to keep the momentum this weekend (Germany) and then immediately afterwards in Hungary, as that comes just one week later.”

Alonso meanwhile has said the team will have the same outlook to the races as before and will be taking it step by step.  “We have to be realistic, because we are 92 points behind in the classification and that is a very big gap. We will tackle the races one at a time, trying to win as many as possible.”

But he also said the team would have to take more risks for winning and keeping the championships alive. “This will also involve taking a few more risks and maybe it will happen that we pay a high price for that, but there is no alternative. We are definitely not giving up, but we must not think about the championship: as Montezemolo said yesterday in Maranello, we are keeping our feet on the ground.”

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