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What Ferrari needs? Hot weather!

wants it hot...

By Tifosa
August 2 2011

According to team principal Stefano Domenicali, that is. He picked the recent run of cold temps as one of the banes keeping Ferrari from achieving full potential.

The cooler weather and rain has affected the F150 in terms of performance, given the delicate operating window for optimal tire temperatures.

"Statistically sooner or later the hot will arrive; I hope first of all in one week's time because I am on vacation with my family and to have rain there will be worse. But seriously, for sure this is affecting our performance, above all when we have to warm up the tires in the crucial laps. For sure the hot will come, and we need to make sure that we are pushing the development of the car,” he said.

Domenicali also commented on the lack of Q3 performance and identified it as a crucial area for improvement. Given the fact that Alonso has been the highest point scorer in the last four races, performance in the races has been good but a better qualifying result could strengthen future results.

He was optimistic about the upcoming races, especially Spa and Monza. "We will have a track like Belgium, where we can have a good one, and Monza a special package and also do the job. It is the second part of the season where we have to have a good race to get some victories, and then in the end we will see where we can be."

Conceding that the championship situation wasn’t the best, Domnenicali nevertheless stated that the team was determined to continue fighting.

"It is difficult I know but I hope, and if we challenge them then it is still open from a mathematical point of view. Our aim is really to believe in and fight to the end of the year."

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