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Lyrical look at final preseason test of 2012

By Goggs
March 1 2012

It's almost time for Australia...but before that, the final preseason test will commence at Barcelona. What can we expect? A little poetry perhaps!

So here we are
Last pre-season tests
Balls to the wall
With no regrets

This is the time
To straighten things out
And eliminate all
Possible doubt

No glory here
No bragging rights
It's not long now
Till out go the lights

HRT is not present
They seem to have failed
To pass their crash test
Thus their plans were derailed

Marussia has suffered
A similar fate
Crash test failed
Too little too late

Lotus however
Is now on track
Chassis fixed up
And glad to be back

Ferrari and Red Bull
Had changed testing plans
But their faith was in
The FIA's hands

Jean Todt and the crew
Said uh uh, no way
You'll test with the rest
No one day delay

So it is written
In the sports regulations
Article 22.4
Clarifies complications

This should avoid
All confrontations
There'll be no appeals
Or demonstrations

Final test session
Kicks off March first
F1 fans can't wait
We're ready to burst

So off we all go
To sunny Spain
Looking for dirt
Up and down pit-lane

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