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Barcelona Test: Day 2 Morning

By Goggs
February 22 2012

Times came tumbling down on Day 2 of Formula One tests in Barcelona, with another strong outing for Force India as Nico Hulkenberg ended the morning on top. 

 Sauber seemed to be stretching its legs a bit too, with Sergio Perez just a hair behind in second.  Sebastian Vettel rounded out the top three not far behind.  The rest of the field filtered in below, with the order changing randomly throughout the morning.  Alonso ran a respectable 52 laps but it is understood that Ferrari were working on the exhaust layout of the F2012 and again, not concentrating on any lap times.  Rosberg already amassed 75 laps this morning. Below the times before lunch:


1.      Hulkenberg    Force India   1.22.608s                    63
2.      Perez             Sauber         1.22.648s  +0.040       51
3.      Vettel            Red Bull        1.22.891s  +0.283       31
4.      Ricciardo        Toro Rosso    1.23.639s  +1.031      45
5.      Alonso            Ferrari          1.23.640s  +1.032      52
6.      Hamilton        McLaren        1.24.040s  +1.432      45
7.      Rosberg         Mercedes       1.24.555s  +1.947      75
8.      Bottas            Williams        1.25.858s  +3.250      69
9.      Petrov            Caterham      1.26.605s  +3.997      36
10.    Pic                  Marussia       1.28.092s  +5.484      47


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