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Sauber Speak Poll Results

Poll Results

By Phil Huff & Jamie Makin
October 18 2005

At Sauber Speak we try to keep track of what the fans really think, so run a series of polls designed to get your opinion quickly and easily. As each poll concludes, the results will be posted here, so you can see how thoughts change over time.

The most recent poll appears first...

Is it "ethically" okay for Massa to test for Ferrari before the season is over?

Sure, it's fine. 38%
No, I have problems with it. 63%

Now that BMW has purchased Sauber, will you remain a fan of the team?

Sure, I'll root for BMW. 55%
No, I will be finding a new team. 45%

What do you want to see happen between Sauber & BMW?

BMW should buy the team and become a 100% factory effort. 44%
BMW should buy Credit Suisse's shares and be a partner to Sauber. 35%
BMW should supply engines only. 17%
BMW should not get involved with Sauber at all. 4%

What is the best thing Sauber can do now to improve?

More testing and development. 61%
Run a third car during Friday practice. 21%
Replace Villeneuve. 8%
Privateers stand no chance now. Sell team to a manufacturer. 11%

What do you think of the reported BMW engine deal for 2006?

Great choice! Now Sauber can fight for wins. 37%
Good engine, but they will still be a "B" team. 27%
Was hoping for a different supplier. 8%
Will reserve judgement until official announcement with details is made. 28%

Now that you've seen the C24, what do you think SAUBER's prospects for 2005 are?

Championship contender! 8%
Team will definately move up in the ranks. 67%
Team is still destined to be midfield. 19%
Team will struggle. 7%

What should Sauber do for engines in 2006?

Stick with Ferrari. 32%
Use another existing F1 engine. 9%
Bring a new manufacturer into F1. 30%
Build their own engine. 28%

How did SAUBER's 2004 season measure up to your expectations?

Excellent - they did much better than I expected. 53%
Average - they did about as well as I expected. 14%
Poor - I really expected more from them. 33%

What do you think of Sauber's decision to sign Jacques Villeneuve?

I'm a Sauber fan and think this will help the team advance. 26%
I'm a Villeneuve fan and am thrilled to see him back in F1. 45%
I have my reservations and will wait to see how he performs. 19%
This was a bad decision on Sauber's part. 11%

SAUBER is looking for a "young, wild driver" to replace Fisichella. Who should they take?

Anthony Davidson (BAR-Honda) 34%
Vitantonio Liuzzi (F3000) 31%
Gary Paffett (DTM) 3%
Christijan Albers (DTM) 0%
Sebastien Bourdais (CART) 31%

If it's true that Fisichella is leaving Sauber, who would you like to see replace him?

Anthony Davidson 23%
David Coulthard 24%
Nick Heidfeld 15%
Gary Paffett (DTM) 7%
Mario Dominguez (CART) 1%
Someone else 30%

What is your main reason for supporting Sauber?

Like their drivers 19%
Like their sponsors 14%
They're the best independent team 32%
Long-time fan from the sportscar days 2%
Admire Peter Sauber himself 9%
The association with Ferrari 7%
The car looks really cool 7%
Because they're a Swiss team 10%

Will Sauber pass McLaren in the points standings this year?

Yes 50%
No 35%
Not Sure 15%

In light of their close collaboration with Ferrari this year, should Sauber still be considered an independent team?

Yes 69%
No 20%
Not Sure 11%

Now that the C23 has been unveiled, how do you think Sauber will do in 2004?

Time to rival the big three teams 31%
Will win "Best of the Rest" for sure 29%
Still only has the budget to remain midfield 29%
Will keep Minardi company at the back 11%

The new 2004 Sauber C23 will be:

An evolution of the C22 12%
An all-new Sauber design 12%
A Sauber design strongly influenced by Ferrari 42%
An exact clone of the Ferrari F2003-GA 32%

Will Heidfeld and Frentzen find new F1 rides next year?

Both will return for 2004 15%
Only Heidfeld will return 35%
Only Frentzen will return 28%
Both are out of luck 23%

Testing is over and the racing starts soon. Where do you feel Sauber will finish in the championship race?

First 9%
Second 0%
Third 9%
Fourth 51%
Fifth 20%
Sixth 11%

The Sauber Speak preview of the C22 is now online. Do you think Sauber have done enough to catch Renault and the 'Big Three'?

Definitely 46%
Probably 33%
Unsure 4%
Doubtful 10%
No way 6%

Who's quicker?

Heidfeld 39%
Frentzen 58%
Massa 3%

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