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FF1 League Top 10

By Jamie Makin & Phil Huff
October 20 2005

The Fantasy Formula One competition has finally drawn to a close and, just like the real thing, there were only ever two people in the running.

Before we get to the winners though, a word or two about the other entries. Thanks to every single one of you running a team, even if you weren't as successful as you'd have liked - so that includes all BAR Honda fans this year!

Each race saw a total of 500 points up for grabs, roughly split 20/80 in qualifying AND the race, and three teams got close to the maximum. The Drunken Munkeys, Petronas Dream Team and Marco Due all managed the highest score of the year - 444 points at the Brazilian Grand Prix. Congratulations to them.

A hugely disappointing Spanish Grand Prix saw the lowest score of the year. Both Minardi drivers retired, as well as three of the four Cosworth engines on the grid, and that meant that Minardi fan Go Minardi! had a pointless weekend. In fact, they had to hand some back, getting a weekend total of minus five!

BAR Honda fans struggled through the season, with a three race ban and early season performance issues leaving the team so far behind that, even with ten consecutive points finishes at the end of the year, the damage was too much to overcome.

Also damaged were McLaren fans, as the unreliability of both the Mercedes engine and Montoya's end of race accident avoidance skills all conspired to drop a lot of points. However, the McLaren's had a bargain price at the beginning of the season, leaving the more dominant (at least in FF1) Renault chassis too expensive to consider.

Each of the SportNetwork sites that participated in the championship had a team entered, although each was ineligible for prizes, and that team mirrored their real race team, even if that took the team over budget. Minardi Magic brought up the rear, scoring just 1206 points, while the midfield was closely ought between Sauber Speak (3000), Williams F1 Supporters (3177) and your very own (3191).

That leaves the two over-budget teams on the network slugging it out for the championship and, despite being gifted one win at Indianapolis, it's Ferrari1 that takes the runner up spot with 3708 points. It's therefore Totally Toyota F1 that wins the SportNetwork competition, with Karl King's site scoring 4123 points over the season.

The overall championship was even closer, with just 403 points separating the Top 10. From tenth to seventh, Statoil, Star Dust, The Drunken Munkeys and Nanotechnology each got perilously close to the 5000 point mark, but couldn't quite break through. Sixth placed SPARK Motorsport Mercedes got close to a top five finish, but WonderWingsF1 and Marco Tre held him off, although all were within just 54 points of each other.

No Idea F1 proved a misnomer, dragging their team to third place with 5227 points, less than 100 points from the overall winner. Their Red Bull-Toyota car on Michelin tyres, driven by Alonso and Raikkonen was a valiant effort, but not quite enough to take the win.

Which brings us to second place, and that's where there's a surprise - they tied with first. Both eVince and The Dragon's Fang scored a massive 5325 points - that's a stunning 333 a race. Unsurprisingly, both teams selected the same combination, taking a gamble on Bridgestone tyres in order to save some money to spend on their drivers. It worked.

The bargain priced McLaren-Mercedes combination was fast, although fragile, but secured enough points to get the team towards the front. With the money saved there, and the extra $10 million saved on tyres, meant the teams were able to secure Raikkonen AND Alonso as drivers. It looked unbeatable, and proved to be.

However, there can be only one winner, and the decision came down to names out of a hat. Literally.

Congratulations, therefore, to Canada's own eVince!

Well done from, and all at the SportNetwork F1 sites - it's a well deserved victory. Commiserations to The Dragon's Fang, but you should be equally proud of your achievement.

Results for your teams are ranked with those from all of the participating F1 sites across SportNetwork. You can enter the Fantasy League or check the full race results and standings by going here and clicking "Results":

Click here to open Sauber Speak Fantasy Formula One

We also rank teams by the site they entered on. Here are the Sauber Speak top 10 for the past two races and overall:

Chinese Grand Prix:

  1. KCL Motorsports3 (393 points)
  2. FAME Sauber-Renault (388 points)
  3. Insert name again (372 points)
  4. Ruby Racing (352 points)
  5. Four Flat Tyres (346 points)
  6. Marco Tre (324 points)
  7. FAME Sauber-Mercedes (323 points)
  8. JiMbo Racing (323 points)
  9. LibertyF1 (317 points)
  10. Marco Uno (317 points)
Season To Date:

  1. eVince (5325 points)
  2. Marco Tre (5172 points)
  3. CARVERacing1 (4762 points)
  4. Formula - Razgriz (4762 points)
  5. Marco Uno (4759 points)
  6. Marco Due (4729 points)
  7. Ruby Racing (4718 points)
  8. KCL Motorsports3 (4710 points)
  9. Newtown F1 Racing (4680 points)
  10. FAME Sauber-Mercedes (4609 points)

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